• Lifts
    • Overview
    • Passenger lifts
      • Schindler 1000

        The Schindler 1000 is our practical passenger lift for low-rise residential buildings. It's simple to plan, fast to install, and economical to maintain.

      • Schindler 3000

        The Schindler 3000 is our all-round passenger lift that matches form with function. It's the perfect lift for different building types and uses.

      • Schindler 5000

        The Schindler 5000 is our lift for mid-rise residential and commercial buildings that features striking interiors, flexible sizes, and effective performance options.

      • Schindler 6000

        The Schindler 6000 is our premium commercial lift that combines the latest technology, high-end finishes, larger capacities and custom designs.

      • Schindler 7000

        The Schindler 7000 is our premium passenger lift for high-rise buildings that exceeds the demanding specifications for tall structures and skyscrapers.

    • Freight & other lifts
      • Schindler 2400

        The Schindler 2400 is our extra-large service lift that can transport both people and goods. Designed for high-traffic areas, it's the workhorse that never complains.

      • Schindler 2500

        The Schindler 2500 is our bed lift that provides bump-free entry and exit for the comfortable transport of patients in hospital beds or wheelchairs.

      • Schindler 2600

        The Schindler 2600 is our cargo freight lift for warehouses, shopping centres and industrial facilities. It makes lifting heavy loads a lightweight task.

    • Modernisation
      • Overview

        Our modernisation solutions are expertly designed to improve your lift's reliability, safety, performance, and energy efficiency. We focus on what is essential and what is required.

      • Schindler 3000 Plus

        Our Schindler 3000 Plus standard replacement lift is more flexible in every way. It fits perfectly into many different applications and environments.

      • Schindler 6500

        Our Schindler 6500 features advanced traffic management, ensuring capacity and performance where you need it when replacing your old lift.

      • Schindler ID Mod Overlay

        Schindler ID Modernisation Overlay converts the existing lift control system so that our Miconic 10 technology can be readily integrated, before the modernisation work even begins.

      • Individual components

        Upgrade individual lift components like drives and cabin doors to reduce operating costs, satisfy tenants and increase your long-term property value.

    • Destination control
      • Schindler PORT Lift

        Schindler PORT Lift is our advanced destination dispatch system that ensures minimal waiting times and optimal passenger comfort.

      • Schindler myPORT

        Schindler myPORT is an app facilitating seamless building navigation through personalised lift calls, access, and visitor management.

      • Schindler PORT Access

        Schindler PORT Access offers seamless transitions from lifts to secure terminals, ensuring convenient access control for a hassle-free experience.

    • Digital Media Services
      • Overview

        Our digital media services transform lifts into communication platforms, offering a creative opportunity to advertise and entertain lift users.

      • Schindler Ahead MediaScreen

        Our Schindler Ahead MediaScreen solution inside and outside the lift cabin provides relevant information to your passengers in real-time.

      • Schindler Ahead SmartMirror

        Our Schindler Ahead SmartMirror in-lift multimedia solution is both: a mirror and screen for passenger entertainment or information.

      • Schindler Ahead AdScreen

        Our Schindler Ahead AdScreen solution maximises your advertising impact with a special display screen inside the lift cabin.

    • CleanMobility
      • Overview

        Our CleanMobility solutions ensure lift safety through touchless operation and products that promote a sanitary environment.

      • ElevateMe App

        With Schindler’s ElevateMe mobile app, building tenants and guests can call a lift and select their destination right from their smartphones.

      • UV CleanCar

        Our Schindler UV CleanCar lift solution uses UV-C ultraviolet light to destroy bacteria and viruses, reducing the risk of transmission between passengers.

      • UV CleanAir

        With Schindler UV CleanAir, the air in lift cabins is sanitised and cycled more frequently and efficiently.

      • CleanCall

        Our Schindler CleanCall solution lets passengers select their lift destination with a simple wave of the hand. No need to touch a button anymore.

      • CleanCover

        Schindler CleanCover is a specially designed antibacterial film that ensures hygiene on frequently touched lift surfaces, including buttons, panels, and walls.

      • CleanSpace

        Schindler CleanSpace allows you to adjust lift load capacity, preventing overcrowding and ensuring a safer travel experience.

      • Schindler PORT & myPORT

        With Schindler PORT and myPORT, your visitors can navigate their way through the building's lift using only their phone or personal access card.

    • Design options
      • Linea 800 SmartTouch

        Our Linea 800 SmartTouch features three full HD screens and the mirrored glass panel transforms your lift interaction into a unique, visual experience.

  • Escalators & Moving walks
    • Overview
    • Escalators
      • Schindler 9300

        The Schindler 9300 escalator with enhanced safety features, energy efficiency, and space savings is ideal for moving people in commercial & public spaces.

      • Schindler 9700

        The Schindler 9700 escalator is the ideal mobility solution for large public spaces with high-traffic demands, like airports, subways and train stations.

    • Moving walks
      • Schindler 9500AE inclined

        Developed with shopping centres in mind, the Schindler 9500AE inclined moving walk provides quiet and comfortable transportation from floor to floor.

      • Schindler 9500 horizontal

        The Schindler 9500 horizontal moving walk is ideal for meeting the public transportation requirements of facilities like airports and subway stations.

    • Modernisation
      • Full replacement

        Upgrade your property by replacing your older equipment with new, cutting-edge Schindler 9300 or Schindler 9700 escalators or with Schindler 9500 moving walks.

      • InTruss

        With Schindler InTruss, we extract the existing escalator or moving walk, keeping its truss in place. A new unit is then assembled inside the existing truss.

      • Modular kits

        We offer modular modernisation kits in all areas: safety, energy consumption, and appearance. At lower cost than a new installation, we can make your old escalators or moving walks fast & reliable.

    • CleanMobility
      • Ultra UV & UV Pro

        Our Schindler Ultra UV and Ultra UV Pro solution helps keep handrails clean and reduces bacteria and viruses with an innovative and effective UV-C light system.

  • Services
  • Careers
    • Overview
    • Who we are
      • People

        Learn about the people, traditions, and values that motivate us to tackle the urban mobility challenges of the 21st century.

      • Inclusion and diversity

        Our global presence gives us access to the full spectrum of human diversity – reinforcing our ability to adapt and innovate.

      • Society

        Help us transform the world. We’re looking for driven professionals ready to solve society’s most pressing urban mobility challenges.

      • Our values

        Our values are the foundation of everything we do, and allow us to remain a leading global player in the lift and escalator industry.

      • Facts and figures

        Find out more about what makes Schindler a great company to work for through key facts and stats.

    • Why Schindler
      • Compensation and benefits

        Discover more about Schindler employee compensation packages and benefits – competitive salaries are just the start!

      • Work-life balance

        Finding the right balance between work and life can be tough. We make it easier through flexible modern policies designed to meet diverse needs.

      • Training

        The key to maintaining Schindler’s proud legacy is by making sure that all our people – at every level – remain trained and ready.

      • Career development programme

        Discover how we take our most talented professionals on an international and multidisciplinary 6-year journey to help their careers flourish.

      • International careers

        International assignments are a key part of how we develop our people. Grow your career internationally with Schindler.

    • Who we look for
      • Experienced professionals

        Whether you’re a lift technician or an engineer, we need talents with maturity and skill. Seasoned professionals make our lift service company great!

      • Students and graduates

        Explore the possibilities for students and recent graduates at Schindler – whatever your specialisation or area of interest!

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Privacy Notice

Last updated September 2023

Thank you for visiting (one of) the Schindler Group websites ("Site" or "Sites") of Schindler Holding Ltd. and/or its affiliates ("Schindler") and your interest in Schindler products and services.

1. Introduction

At Schindler, we strive to honour the privacy and security of our users, customers and suppliers, as well as their representatives, in relation to all products, services, applications and websites provided by Schindler Holding Ltd. and any of its affiliates acting as a data controller under applicable data protection law. The contact details of such Schindler data controller entities can currently be found on this page.

2. Purpose of the Sites

The Sites provide information about Schindler
The Sites provide general information about Schindler, its products, solutions and services, career opportunities and information for investors.

Some of the Sites have special forms through which interested Site visitors can request further information about Schindler products and services.

Information about data processing activities related to Schindler’s recruiting portal is provided separately before registering on the recruiting portal. Further information can currently be found under the following link: https://job.schindler.com.

3. Purpose of this Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice explains how we handle and treat your personal data
Schindler treats personal data in accordance with applicable data protection law. To this end, we have issued this privacy notice ("Privacy Notice"). It describes how we collect and further process personal data (i) when you visit this Site, group.schindler.com or any other Sites or (ii) when you use our products or services, or (iii) when you otherwise interact with us.

This Privacy Notice describes the type of personal data Schindler collects, the method of collection and the purposes for which Schindler may use, share or disclose such personal data.

The term "personal data" in this Privacy Notice means any information that identifies, or could reasonably be used to identify any natural person.

This Privacy Notice is not necessarily a comprehensive description of our data processing. It is possible that other data protection statements (or General Terms and Conditions, or similar documents) are applicable to specific circumstances.

If you provide us with personal data of other persons
If you provide us with personal data of other persons (such as family members, work colleagues), it is your responsibility to ensure the respective persons are aware of this Privacy Notice and only provide us with their data if you are allowed to do so and such personal data is correct.

4. How to contact us

If you have any questions or comments regarding this Privacy Notice, your personal data or data privacy at Schindler, please contact us at:

Schindler Ltd, 400 Dashwood Lang Road, Bourne Business Park, Addlestone, Surrey, KT15 2HJ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)1932 758100
Email: GDPR.gb@schindler.com

The above entity acts as the data controller of this Site under applicable data protection law.

5. How we collect and process your Personal Data

When, how and what kind of personal data we collect
Schindler treats personal data in accordance with applicable data protection laws. We may collect your personal data in the course of our business, including through your use of our Sites.

Some of the Sites have special forms through which you can request further information about Schindler products and services. When you submit such a request or electronically pass information to Schindler in any way (e.g., via online contact form, e-mail, by filling in a customer survey or a feedback form, through participation in a competition, etc.) you may be asked to provide certain information, including, but not limited to, contact details e.g., your name, title, company, address, phone number, e-mail address or line of business.

We may automatically log certain technical information
By using our Sites, certain technical and other information is automatically disclosed by your computer to and logged by us (such as your network address, the type of your browser, the site that referred you to our site) for operational and security purposes, and to better understand the usage of our websites. Please see section 15 of this Privacy Notice ("Cookies and Other Means of Identification").

6. Purpose of Processing, Categories of Personal Data, Legal Grounds

Please consult the table below to see for which purposes we process (use, store, share, etc.) personal data, which categories of personal data are being processed as well as the legal grounds for such processing.

PurposeCategories of Personal DataLegal Grounds
When you visit this Site
The personal data (log files) our webservers automatically collect when you visit this Site allows us to safeguard the functioning of this Site and to improve and personalize your user experience.
IP address of your device, its operating system and the browser used, date and time.The processing of your personal data is based on our legitimate interest to manage this Site and your user experience.
When you subscribe to a newsletter
The personal data we collect allows us to send you newsletters to keep you updated on our products and services.
First and last name, company name, address, email address, phone number, information on the product or service you purchased or are interested in.We process your personal data based on your consent to receive our newsletters. You can revoke this consent by unsubscribing from this service at any time.
When you submit a contact request
The personal data we collect allows us to process your specific request and our response thereto.
Contact details and information on your contact request.The processing of your personal data is based on our legitimate interest to administer your request and to provide an appropriate response.
When you submit a media enquiry
The personal data we collect allows us to process your media enquiry request and our response thereto.
Contact details and information on your media enquiry.The processing of your personal data is based on our legitimate interest to administer your enquiry and to provide an appropriate response.
When you create an account on our Sites
The personal data we collect allows us to create and operate an account for you on our Sites.
First and last name, company name, address, email address, phone number as well as your assigned account number and your chosen password.The processing of your personal data is based on our legitimate interest to operate and maintain your account. You can close your account at any time.

When you apply for a job
The personal data we collect allows us to process your job applications.

Note: You should exclusively apply for a position with us via our specific career Site https://job.schindler.com/ that is subject to a separate Privacy Notice. Applications filed differently will generally not be considered. Otherwise, the data processing related thereto is governed by this Privacy Notice.

Contact details, your written application, CV and certificates/ diplomas.The processing of your personal data consists of steps we are taking at your request prior into entering a potential contract with you as it is necessary to assess if you qualify for employment with Schindler.
When you call our call centre in emergency situations
The personal data we collect allows us to communicate with you in emergency situations and to allocate a rescue service. We may record details of the communication to the extent permitted by applicable law.
First and last name, location, phone number, contact details, other information to response to your call and to allocate a rescue service.We process your personal data to comply with safety legal requirements.
When you call our call centre for general enquiries
The personal data we collect allows us to process your enquiry request and our response thereto. We may record details of the communication.
First and last name, company name, address, email address, phone number, information on your enquiry and on the product or service related thereto.The processing of your personal data is based on our legitimate interest to administer your enquiry and to provide an appropriate response.
When you participate in customer surveys
The personal data we collect allows us to receive your feedback on our products and services, to assess, analyse and improve our products and service and to train our employees.
First and last name, company name, address, email address, phone number, your feedback on our products or services.The processing of your personal data is based on our legitimate interest to manage our relationship with you and your company and to improve our products and services.
When we use your personal data for marketing purposes
The personal data we collect and process enable us to offer our products and services and to related activities, e.g., invitations to events, to you by phone, email or otherwise.
First and last name, company name, function, address, email address, phone number, potentially further data required for marketing purposes.The processing of your personal data is based on our legitimate interest to offer our products and services to you.

7. Automated decision-making including profiling

We make no automated decisions and profiles
We do not use your personal data to make decisions based solely on automated processing. In addition, we do not process your data automatically with the aim of evaluating certain personal aspects about you.

8. How long do we retain your Personal Data

How long do we retain your personal data
Schindler takes every reasonable step to ensure that your personal data is only processed for the minimum period necessary for the purposes set out in this Privacy Notice. We process and retain your personal data as long as required

  • for the purposes for which we collected it;
  • for the performance of our contractual obligation, i.e., for the duration of the entire business or employment relationship (from the initiation, during the performance of the contract until it is terminated);
  • for compliance with legal obligations or other purposes pursued with the processing, as well as beyond this duration in accordance with legal retention and documentation obligations.

Personal data may also be retained

  • for the period during which claims can be asserted against Schindler or
  • insofar as we are otherwise legally obliged to do so or
  • if legitimate business interests require further retention (e.g., for evidence and documentation purposes).

As soon as your personal data are no longer required for the above-mentioned purposes, they will be deleted or anonymized, to the extent possible.

9. Transfer of Personal Data to Other Parties (In-/Outside of the EEA)

Who has access to your personal data
We may, pursuant to valid legal process, such as a search warrant, subpoena, or court/governmental order, allow access to any information (including such categories of personal data) provided to Schindler, in order to comply with such process and to protect our rights and property. If warranted, we may also allow access to this information in special emergencies where physical safety is at risk.

Schindler moreover reserves the right to disclose any information obtained from or about you to third parties in connection with a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy or sale of all or substantially all of Schindler’ assets.

We share your personal data with other Schindler entities and third parties outside of Schindler
Your personal data may be transferred to other Schindler entities, as well as to any third parties to whom the relevant Schindler entity subcontracts all or part of this processing. This may for instance include e-marketing service providers, hosting providers, technical support and any other relevant roles.

They will process such personal data only for the purposes listed in this Privacy Notice and agree to treat it in accordance with it. They may only process your personal data in the same way as Schindler is permitted to process it.

We may transfer your personal data outside of the European Economic Area (EEA)
As Schindler is a global and worldwide acting company, your personal data may be transferred to any of the countries where we have affiliates (available on the webpage indicated in section 1 ("Introduction"). This includes countries that may provide for a lower level of data protection than the country from where you have submitted the personal data. In the event of transfer of personal data to a country outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), Schindler systematically ensures the application of an adequate level of protection of such personal data by approved means (e.g., by putting in place standard contractual clauses on the processing of personal data, in accordance with the EU Commission model clauses). You can request more information about such measures (including copies where relevant) by getting in touch with Schindler through the contact details below.

We do not sell your personal data
Except as otherwise set forth in this Privacy Notice or other data protection statements applicable in specific circumstances, we do not sell, trade, license or rent your personal data with any third parties outside of Schindler.

10. Your Rights

How to access your personal data and to make use of your other rights
Subject to applicable data protection law, you may have some or all of the following rights in respect of your personal data. You can exercise these rights by submitting your request to GDPR.gb@schindler.com.

You will need to include your personal details as well as some means of verifying your identity (e.g., copy of identity card or driving license). If the request is submitted by a person other than you, without providing evidence that the request is legitimately made on your behalf, the request will be rejected.

Please note that Schindler may reject requests that are excessive or a misuse of the relevant right.

Please also note that some of these rights may be limited, for example when Schindler has an overriding interest or a legal obligation to process your personal data.

1. Access right and data portability
You have the right to obtain confirmation of whether Schindler processes personal data about you and, if so, gain access to a copy thereof. If you require additional copies, we may need to charge a reasonable fee.

For certain kinds of data, you may also have a right to data portability.

2. Right of rectification and right to erasure
You have the right to request the rectification or the erasure of your personal data, provided that the applicable legal requirements are met. The right to erasure is subject to various exceptions, for example where the processing of your personal data is necessary to support litigation or for the compliance with statutory retention requirements.

3. Right to restriction, right to object and to consent withdrawal
In certain situations, you have the right to request the restriction of the processing of your data, e.g., when you claim that your personal data on our systems is not correct during the time that we need to verify the accuracy of the data.

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data and we will no longer process your data

  • if we are relying on our own or someone else's legitimate interests to process your personal data, except
  • if we can demonstrate compelling legal grounds for the processing of your personal data.

In case you object to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes, we will cease the processing for such purposes in any case.

Where any processing is based on consent, you have the right to withdraw such consent at any time (without affecting the lawfulness of the processing prior to the withdrawal).

4. Right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authorities
You have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, in particular the data protection authority that is competent for your place of residence (or the lead supervisory authority for Schindler, if any), namely:

Data Protection Commission, 21 Fitzwilliam Square South, Dublin 2, D02 RD28, Ireland.
Tel: +353 57 868 4800
Email: dpo@dataprotection.ie
Website: https://www.dataprotection.ie

11. How we protect your Personal Data

Security and confidentiality of your personal data
We are committed to keeping your personal data secure and we have implemented appropriate information security policies, rules and technical measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, improper use or disclosure, unauthorized modification and unlawful destruction or accidental loss.

All of our employees, partners, consultants, workers and data processors (i.e., those who process your personal data on our behalf, for the purposes listed above), who have access to, and are associated with the processing of your personal data, are obliged to respect the confidentiality of such data.

12. Personal Data of Children

No collection of personal data from children
Schindler does not knowingly collect information from children. If Schindler learns that a child has provided it with personal data, it will use reasonable efforts to remove such information from its files.

13. Links to Other Websites

We may provide links to non-Schindler websites
This Privacy Notice applies only to the Sites, and not to websites owned by third parties. We may provide links to other websites which we believe may be of interest to you. However, we cannot guarantee the privacy standards of such websites and we disclaim any responsibility for them.

This Privacy Notice is not intended to be applicable to any linked, non-Schindler website.
Whenever you open a link to other websites, you should exercise caution and read the privacy policies of the website in question.

14. Use of Social Media Plugins

What are Social Media Plugins (e.g., Facebook, Twitter YouTube, Instagram, or LinkedIn)?
The Sites may enable Social Media Plugins. Social Media Plugins allow websites to integrate social media functionality for the convenience of users. Such Social Media Plugins are independent extensions of the providers of the respective social media network. Schindler has no influence over the type and amount of data collected through such Social Media Plugins and stored by their providers. If you use Social Media Plugins you will be sending identifiable information to the respective social media platform.

Any comments or activity arising from persons using Social Media Plugins is not controlled or endorsed by Schindler and Schindler shall not be held responsible or liable for such. Persons who share Schindler’s content via Social Media Plugins are not authorized to speak for or represent Schindler. Their views and opinions must be strictly regarded as their own and not Schindler's.

The provisions in our Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy relating to links to other websites also apply to Social Media Plugins.

15. Cookies and Other Means of Identification

What is a cookie
A cookie is a small piece of data that a website stores on the visitor’s computer or mobile device. They are widely used in order to make websites work, or work more efficiently, as well as to provide information to the owners of the website.

Our use of cookies
Our websites use cookies, pixel tags and other forms of identification and local storage (together referred to as "Cookies" hereunder) to distinguish you from other users of our website and of websites of our network. This helps us provide you with a good experience when you browse our website and websites of our network and also allows us to improve our websites and our services.

You can find out more information about the cookies that we use on our Sites by reading our Cookie Notice & Seetings.

16. Changes to this Privacy Notice

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify this Privacy Notice at any time. You are advised to visit this Site regularly for any amendments.